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About us?

Trusted Developer facilitates digital transformation; design, installation, and configuration of computer networks and network services; and medium size companies within and without Suriname.


Network Design and Implementation

Design and configure your network with the efficiency you need to support the expected workload.

Software Developer and System Integration

Imagine your business being agile, simplifying the management of the IT environment and reducing costs of them? The successful integration of systems allows it.

Enterprise Applications

Automate and optimize your business processes. Now you can integrate computer systems to facilitate cooperation and work coordination throughout the company with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

ICT & IT Consultant

See how your business grows, we work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems.

Marketing Services

Social Media Audit Social Media Management banner design brand manual Handling tools

Web Design

Hosting & Domain
Personalized design
Responsive navigation

ICT Services


Voice over IP has arrived to solve your telephone expense problem! You only need a device with audio and internet connection.

Monitoring Tools

Imagine that network stops working, your company stops providing services and your customers start to get upset and more if this happens repeatedly.

Virtualization Clusters

Save time and space by creating a virtual environment with this technology.


Reduce costs and guarantee the good private virtual network of your company.

Firewall & IDS

At present, the use of tools for protection against intrusions in the perimeter of the network is essential. Enjoy secure technology with the best security solutions for your network.

What people say about us

Trusted Developer, they are hard workers, reliable and will be a great asset to any IT- related project you might have. I am confident about the services that they provide and highly recommend them.


Trusted Developer has been supporting all the growth of my company. Redesigning the network to support more computers, VoIP and many more services, giving us quick support any time. We are very satisfied with the professional knowledge and skills with which they support us.


Trusted Developer is an ICT services development company that specializes in providing custom software development, networking and ancillary services to the corporate sector. They are a skilled and thoroughly professional company.

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