At present, the use of tools for protection against intrusions in the perimeter of the network is essential. Enjoy secure technology with the best security solutions for your network.

What is convenient to have installed?

The use of each of the tools depends to a great extent on where the system is located, and the use made of it. Let’s be clear that they are complementary, you can interrelate the operation of each one. The firewall provides a first defense barrier against external threats, establishes when a connection between two computers through the Internet is not in accordance with the security policies established for the network environment, so it is necessary an IDS that monitors said network to detect when a system is performing a suspicious activity.

Although both are related to the security of the network, we explain how they differ

Intrusions in order to stop them from happening. Firewalls limit access between networks to prevent intrusion and do not signal an attack from inside the network.

Has taken place and signals an alarm, also watches for attacks that originate from within a system.

Network communications, identifying heuristics and patterns of common computer attacks, and taking action to alert operators.

Prevention is the best defense!

We help you to enjoy safely the technology and possibilities offered by the web.

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